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4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick

4head Headache & Migraine Relief Stick

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The active ingredient is levomenthol, more commonly referred to as menthol, presented in a convenient retractable stick dispenser. Many people are familiar with menthol as being the main constituent of peppermint oil.

When 4head Stick is applied it causes a cooling and tingling sensation, dilating the blood vessels in the skin, helping to block pain signals to the brain. It can also help to relieve and relax tense muscles in the head.

How to use 4head Stick
4head Stick is used by simply wiping the surface of the stick gently across your forehead. The application is colourless and non-greasy.

When to use
4head Stick can be applied whenever you need it. It offers fast, effective relief on-the-go.

Who can use it
Adults, the elderly and children can use it - although when young children complain of headaches, it is normally appropriate to discuss this first with their doctor. As with any medicine, excessive use should be avoided..


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