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Azura : Nail Care

Azura : Nail Care

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Adjust the nail hardener before use. Apply it to the nails, not the skin, just once, and one thin layer per day for ten days. After that, you can apply it twice or three times a week, no problem.

🌷 If you're praying, apply it after the evening prayer and remove it before the dawn prayer.

🌷 If you don't have prayers, you can apply another layer on the second day above the first layer. Every three days, remove and apply a new layer. For example, apply on Monday, then on Tuesday, Wednesday during the day, and on Thursday, remove and apply a new layer.

🌷 Above or below nail polish, it has the same effect.

🌹 Using Acetone Azora specific to the hardener is essential. It won't damage or break your nails or make them yellow. It's suitable for both the hardener and regular nail polish.

Note: If you have artificial nails before, it's not recommended to remove them immediately. You should wait at least two weeks before starting with the hardener. Apply an extremely thin layer once a day for a week, then every other day for the week after that.

🌷🌷 Two weeks break after removal:

- First week: Apply every other day.
- Second week: Apply daily.
- After that, apply it twice or three times a week.

Don't use any creams, lighteners, mixtures, oils, or anything else with the hardener, as the nails don't need additional moisturizing.


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