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Hair recovery program SP55

Hair recovery program SP55

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Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Program 2021 - Phials (SP55), Hair Recovery Program For Revitalizing the Hair Bulb, Greater Thickness, Strength and More Volume . -Hair does not fall out even after stopping use. -Odorless and non-greasy Recommended to use with Pharma hermetic Spray Lotion for daily use.
How to use:
One ampoule every ten days. The scalp is prepared using a derma roller, then the entire content of the ampoule is placed on the scalp, then the derma roller is used for the second time on the scalp to ensure penetration of the content. Once every 10 days. The rest of the days, the lotion is used as a pharma-hermetic spray to stimulate the follicles. Daily spray it on the scalp with a massage with the fingers. It is not necessary to wash the hair before or after using it.


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