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Pharma hermetic ultimate hair treatment

Pharma hermetic ultimate hair treatment

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HAIR GROWTH STARTS AT THE ROOTS. The Hair Recovery Program Hermetic Lotion complements the treatment of HRP ampoules. With a daily application, you will notice how your hair strengthens and gains vitality. Strengthens and enhances hair growth from the root -No side effects -Lasting results -Topical application -For hair, beards and eyebrows The combination of active ingredients used in the Hermetic Lotion spray is effective in increasing the density and thickness of the hair, beards and eyebrows. The daily lotion spray is also an excellent topical hair treatment for patients to use for the first two months after a hair transplant. During this period (as the transplant area heals) the use of a derma roller is not advised. – Hair Growth without Surgery – Lasting Results – Home Hair Loss Solution – No Side Effects – Thicker Hair.


How to use:
  • Massage the area to improve absorption.
  • Apply enough product to cover the targeted area (Hair, Beard or Eyebrows).
  • Dry the hair, beard, eyebrows carefully.
  • Do not wash the treated area after the session – wait 8 hours to wash.
  • Avoid direct contact of sunlight after the application – at least 8 hours.
  • Avoid eye contact, if occurs, rinse with water.
  • Avoid sunlight for 8 hours after use Do the application at night Do not wash the hair/beard after the application for 8 hours Initial Treatment – daily application for 60 days or until the first 50ml bottle is used.
  • Maintenance – one per week


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