Standard Whiteboard

Standard Whiteboard

<tc>السعر الأساسي</tc> 59 QAR
<tc>السعر الأساسي</tc> <tc>سعر التخفيض</tc> 59 QAR
<tc>تخفيضات</tc> <tc>نفذت الكمية</tc>
الشحن محسوب عند الدفع

Product Description:

A weekly magnetic erase whiteboard is the perfect addition to any workspace. This versatile whiteboard is made of soft magnetic material that makes it easy to install in any refrigerator, providing an easy and convenient way to plan your week or month. Thanks to the surface of the magnetic whiteboard, you can easily jot down your notes, highlights and tasks with any dry wiping pen. The magnetic board can be wiped, cleaned and reused multiple times, making it ideal for long-term and short-term planning. In addition, this panel is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for any workspace. A weekly weekly whiteboard designed for magnetic scanning is an essential tool for any organization.


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